The Ultimate Brand Guide to Influencer Marketing

It’s a well-known fact that the traditional way of marketing your brand no longer has the effect it once had, and each day a new competitor rises above the rest. This is where Influencer Marketing can help, If you’re looking for a way to: connect with your buyers or even to just to increase sales and brand credibility, or all of the above, then today I’m going to show you how to really utilize the world of influencing marketing in just that way.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about the following, along with guided influencer marketing examples you can use right now for your business:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Tools to find an influencer
  • Power of Influence Marketing

Let’s get started…

Influence Marketing 

Influence Marketing Influencer Market Content Marketing Social Media Vital VinesInfluencer marketing is the process of connecting with someone, who has an audience with buyers within your niche of influence (online or offline), that will in agreement with your brand; promote, review, use or support your product /service. In doing so they use their influence to market your product or service to their available audience as to increase purchases and/or brand recognition.

Who can use influence marketing 

Anyone can use an influencer, it doesn’t matter if you have a physical product or not. As long as you have something to sell to an audience you can use influencer marketing to drive sales for your business.

Here are some brands that use influencer marketing:

Service: Uber, FedEx, Birchbo, Trunk Club

product: Fashion Nova, Slim Tea, Nike

Who is an influencer 

A common misconception that most businesses have is that they think an influencer has to have a lot of followers in order to see sales increase, well that’s not the cause.

Here’s why, It all boils down to other important factors others than a large follower count, I’ll get into that further down. An influencer is, of course, anyone that has influence, it can be online (on social media, blog, youtube) or it can be offline (actor, speaker, a leader in the industry).

Here are the various categories that brands use to identify influencers:

  • Macro-influencers (people with a few hundred thousand followers)
  • Micro influencers (somewhere between 2,000 and 50,000 followers)
  • Nano influencers (2,000 followers or fewer)

In my experience, it’s always good to have a mix of both. However, if you choose to go with one type of influencer based on your digital marketing strategy to get the outcome you want.

Micro-influencers: How to Find the Right Fit for your Brand

Choosing an Influencer 

If you’ve selected an influencer purely on the fact that they have a large following and you’re hoping for sales or brand awareness, then you’re bound to be disappointed. Here’s why;

It’s one thing to have massive followers and another to have them interact and have a community that engages around this influence. Because of the demand for influencers, there are persons out there who will buy a massive amount of followers just to get ahead of the game. This often follows most brands who reach out to them.

When you buy followers, your simply buying fake accounts, a majority of which are not used by real people. This can be a low point because fake accounts don’t buy products. This is why there is a low return when partnering with certain influencers.  This is why it’s not always the following count; it’s the number of people who like and engage with them that will matter because those are your potential customers.

In order to have success in influencer marketing for your product or service, you have to select and work with the right influencer for the right results. Everyone has different needs and goals the trick is finding who works best for you. That’s what I’m gonna show you now

For more on How to Choose and How to Work with an Influencer:

A Designer’s Marketing Guide: Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018. 

Tools to find an Influencer

Influence Marketing Content Marketing Vital Vines Social MediaWhere to find influencers. 

There is no rule of thumb when finding influencers to market your brand. It can be as simple as finding them on your own social media account and connecting with them on a personal level, or you can use influencer sites or agencies if you would like a more formal approach.

Either method does not ensure that you might not have to pay or if you do pay that the fee may be a low or high for that influencer to market on your behalf. This is all based on how you approach the influencer and how they conduct business.

For free tools to find Influencers. 

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to find the right influencer then you have the option to do the following. Note that in my opinion if you decide to use the free or paid site to find and connect with an influencer it takes the same amount of time, only with said sites there is a higher level or transparency between you and the influencer.

  1. If you know your buyers then go to sites or social media platforms that they are most likely to be using during their day-to-day.
  2. find persons within your niche on that platform and also view their other social media platforms.There are times that some have a higher following than others, which can be at your advantage.
  3. Create a list or an excel of the influencers and their contact information. Some Influencers micro or macro have agencies that they use to manage them, you may have to contact them first before reaching the influencer.
  4. Create your reach our email (which we’ll talk about later down).

If you’re looking for other free methods to find influencers then you can view the link below.

15 FREE Influencer Marketing Tools to Find Influencers

Agencies and Websites to find Influencers 

Now if you’re looking a more professional way to find influencers to work with, keep track of how effective their influence on sales are and get a look at their visual resume, then here are a list of the best websites and agencies to find influencers to market  your brand or niche:

Influencer Marketing Hub 

On this site you can find multiple agencies and platforms, this website is like yellow pages of influencer marketing. They also provide you with informative blog articles on Influencer and Social Media Marketing. It’s mainly free of use so go ahead and check them out.

Influencer marketing vital vines 2019


International database of influencers in main countries.  They have payment, content reviews, reminders, term sheets. Real-time Results Tracking Track results from start to finish in real-time including purchases & other conversions. In your account, you have a Campaign Dashboard and more features to ensure you get the most out of your marketing collaborations. They also give you informative E-Books about working with influencers every one should read.

Influencer Marketing 2019


Price: $9/Monthly for the Basic package

They allow you to connect with an influencer, share your product and message them, when you create a profile on this platform you can message them directly with an offer (you choose the terms) and once accepted, share your product or service.

View the demo click here

Influencer Marketing for Everyone Intellifluence

The Right Fit

Price: $10/Monthly & Free account

If you’re looking for more than just influencers, you can find models, actors, and videographers for your brand. They have an international directory to select the right talent for you. You can get testimonials and feedback from brands that worked with the talent you’re viewing. You can find secure payment and policies with your approval through the site that ensures you’re security.

For more on how The Right Fit  works click here

Influencer marketing influence market vital vines social media

Price: $159/Monthly & 7 days free trial

On this site, you cannot only find influencers but you can create media kits as a brand or an influencer. You can also create a job, invite influencers or watch influencers bid for your job to showcase your service or product. The only downfall is the rates of the bids are very competitive and can be very high with regular returns or low with little returns.

Influencer Marketing influence market social media vital vines

The Hub 

Price: $500/Monthly

It’s similar to with more freedom with direct messaging and the availability to have a wider choice in various niches.

Influencer marketng influence market vital vines

Power of Influence Marketing 

Influence Marketing Influencer Market Content Marketing Social Media Vital VinesIt’s not just posting a pretty pic on Instagram anymore, there’s much more behind what influencer marketing can do for your business. Influencers do much more, they can write a blog article for you or create a video or short infomercial for you that can bring in massive results that ads may never do. There are tons of business both major and minor that have benefited from the impact of Influence marketing to increase followers and sales for their brand.

Some are a great success while others have failed. It’s never always a bed of roses, there’s where the work on your end has to go into it.

  • Your product or service has to be reliable. This is to ensure honest reviews. Even if your influencers lie for you, your customers are the ones you feel the backlash from.
  • You have to treat the influencer or the agency with respect. Always be professional when working with an influencer. Just as you show respect to another professional, do the same to influencers too. They put in work to build their brand.
  • Honor your payment to the Influencer once the work agreed upon has been done. If you need to make payment before works, ensure to find a way to track your ROI. If your influencer has done the work, don’t dilly dally to pay them or the next time you need them they will be hesitant.
  • Create and build a relationship with your Influencers. Don’t just ask them to do things, when you build a strong relationship with your influencers you build a two-way street that benefits you both in the end.

How Influencer Marketing Helped Us Grew from 0 to 700k Monthly Revenue

The time to grow your brand and reach is always now. If you’re currently using influencers comment below and share your experience. If you haven’t used influencer marketing before then tell us some of your concerns, we’d be happy to help.

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